Advice and guidance on your school purchasing

Whatever your purchasing concern, the Schools’ Buying Hub North West is a resource available to answer your questions and support you in your purchasing.

Our website includes a wide range of tools, such as:

  • Buying guides
  • Information on approved suppliers for specific spend areas
  • Never and Always Checklists to help you purchase better
  • Details of networking events
  • Templates to help you manage your suppliers including sample service level agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • FAQs to help with common purchasing questions and live chat for more in-depth queries

Support with complex purchasing contracts

The Schools’ Buying Hub North West understands that certain contracts can be unclear, requiring a large spend and expert advice.

The Schools' Buying Hub North West is a resource that supports schools in placing good commercial contracts and saving money on complex areas, particularly services that are high value and less regularly procured by individual school buyers such as: catering, cleaning, energy and maintenance. The Schools' Buying Hub North West can provide schools access to dedicated Category Managers with experience in the relevant complex spend area.

Contract management support

The Schools’ Buying Hub North West will help schools get the best out of their existing contracts.

Many schools are aware of the importance of contract management spending considerable effort in setting up contracts. However, the failure to effectively monitor them means that contracts eventually fall short of what was expected. Our contract management support offers advice on when and where to seek specialist support and training, as well as upskilling opportunities for school buyers.

Support in helping schools buy together to benefit from economies of scale

By completing the Purchasing Health Check and indicating the contract end date for your various spend areas we will be able to identify buying opportunities with other schools.

When buying opportunities exist, the schools participating in the pilot will be notified and they will receive assistance in using them. Individual contracts will remain with the school, but preferential rates and services can often be secured by bringing many schools to suppliers with coterminous contract end dates.