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Schools Buying Hub - Utilities


Purchasing utilities can often prove a complex exercise, as market conditions are volatile and there are many things to consider, which can sometimes overwhelm those in schools responsible for this key area of spend.
School Buying Hub North West - ICT


For ICT procurement to be effective, it is important to ensure the focus is not only on cost effectiveness, but also to ensure that the technology meets requirements, is fit for purpose, and more importantly, can be integrated into the existing teaching, learning and administration systems of the school.
School Buying Hub North West - Business Services

Business Services

These include services such as Human Resources management and advice, Payroll, Financial services, Legal advice, Consultancy, Audit and Procurement Services. Expert advice in these areas is often required, whether it is for an ongoing requirement or a one-off project.
School Buying Hub North West - Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Whether you require a repair to your roof or the collection of your waste, these services enable you to concentrate on your core business.
School Buying Hub North West - Stationery


Stationery expenditure is one of the most regular spendings that a school can face. The items are often low in price individually however, if it is all added up over the financial year, it can prove to be a very costly area of spend.

Procurement Advice

School Buying Hub North West - Planning Your Requirement

Planning Your Requirement

Planning how you buy for your school can be tricky at times. We can help you decide which procurement process to use by following your school’s established process for planning and by approving the procurement. Find out how we can help.
School Buying Hub North West - Writing Your Specification

Writing Your Specification

It is important to write your procurement specification as clearly as possible. A specification should allow suppliers to understand exactly what you need to buy, including the quality and delivery date. Find out how we can help.
School Buying Hub North West - Running Your Tender

Running Your Tender

Once you have planned your requirement and developed a specification, you will then need to decide on an appropriate route to market. The use of a framework agreement is often useful. Find out how we can help.
School Buying Hub North West -Managing Your Contract

Managing Your Contract

Good contract management and service delivery relies on effective supplier-customer relationships throughout the duration of the contract. Establishing a good working relationship with suppliers can benefit your school in the long run. Find out how we can help.