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Accounting is the tool by which school management can structure, organise, and operationalise the financial plan (the budget). Accounting also provides the roadmap by which fiduciary entities, such as board of education members, public citizens, and state government officials, can evaluate a school's financial status.

Therefore, it is vital you source a competent accountancy firm that provides value for money.

Key Considerations

Ensure you get a specialist

Although most qualified accountants would be able to provide a service to you, there are specialist firms of accountants across the education sector. Using a specialist will ensure that you get a service tailored for your school which understands the way you work and the unique issues you are facing.

Type of Contract

If you need help on a one-off matter, then it is easiest to agree a fee estimate for the work. If you require more frequent support, a retainer type arrangement may be more beneficial. This is because you will have the support as and when you need it and by signing a longer-term agreement you will likely obtain a discounted daily rate and better-defined service level standards.

Free basic advice

An accountant usually won’t charge for occasional basic advice so be sure to take advantage of this as it could save you significant additional fees over the longer term.

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