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It is essential that your staff are paid on time, and local authority and pension schemes often have complex rules and reporting requirements regarding payroll. So, to ensure this runs as smoothly as possible, many schools are choosing to outsource this key service.

With such a large choice of payroll providers currently offering payroll services to the education sector it can often be difficult to obtain a good deal.

As a result, the Schools’ Buying Hub has created a number of useful resources to ensure schools have all the information required to purchase their payroll services effectively.

Key Considerations

Ease of use

A good payroll service should not be too complex and should have an easy-to-use interface that allows you to run your payroll and add employees into the system seamlessly. The more complex a system the more likely errors will occur.


Regardless of how easy the system is to use, there are times when you may need help. Make sure you have adequate support and ideally a dedicated phone number so issues can be sorted quickly.


As with most systems, you need to ensure that your payroll service integrates with the programs you are already using such as time and attendance systems.

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