As well as the health benefits of a productive cleaning contract, it is widely known that the working environment has a direct impact on productivity. Business owners invest in cleaning in order to make their staff comfortable and motivate them to higher levels of efficiency. So why should school be any different? By providing a clean, fresh space to study, you will be taking an important step in creating a positive learning experience for your students.

Key Considerations

As well as getting a great price, there are also other key aspects to consider:

  • It will be the school’s responsibility to ensure that everyone involved in the cleaning contract has been DBS checked.
  • As the cleaning will be carried out on the school’s property, it is vital that risk assessments are carried out and not left to the supplier to provide.
  • As it is a service contract, it is important to remember that efficiency is key. The lowest price is not always the best value as it is often the case that the lower the price the lower the amount of time you are paying for.
  • Due to this being a service contract, it is very difficult to manage the ongoing performance of the contract. Incorporating rigorous KPIs into the contract can ensure quality of deliverance.
  • As with other service contracts where staff on lower paid contracts are used, you must be aware of and look out for signs of unacceptable practices by the supplier such as modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

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