Fire Safety

The number of school fires has been in decline since 2001 dropping from 1600 per year to 600. Nevertheless, the impact of a school fire can be devastating for students, staff and parents from logistical issues such as closures to the threat of injury or even loss of life.

Therefore, it is vital to maintain a fire safety contract to best protect your school against any catastrophic incidents.

Key Considerations

As well as getting a great price, there are also other key aspects to consider:

  • Is the fire safety equipment fit for purpose? It must be adequate to meet the current legislation that is in place. (Fire Safety Order 2005)
  • There is an ongoing cost attached to fire safety equipment. Alongside the upfront purchasing price that you will pay, you will also entail costs for maintenance of the equipment.
  • There are several different types of fire safety equipment, not all of them will be relevant for you. Ensure that you only purchase the equipment relevant to the type of fires that you could experience. For example, It does not provide value for money to purchase a class B extinguisher if there will be no flammable liquid such as petrol or oil in the vicinity.

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