It is vital that children and staff can feel safe in their school and college, and security systems can ensure that they have that peace of mind.

Key Considerations

It is advantageous to be proactive and not reactive when procuring security services, as this will result in your security services being more robust, thus reducing the risk of any security breaches and helping to keep costs down. From the outset, it is important to understand the nature of security risks and the precise impact that security measures can make.

Due to this being a service contract, it is very difficult to manage the ongoing performance of the contract. Incorporating rigorous KPIs into the contract can ensure quality of deliverance.

As well as getting a great price, there are other key aspects to consider:

  • It will be the school’s responsibility to ensure that everyone involved in the security contract has been DBS checked.
  • Length of contract, how long do you want the contract with the supplier to last?
  • If using CCTV, then under the Data Protection Act (1998), schools are required to tell pupils where cameras have been installed and for what purposes the images and sounds are being used.

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