Multi-Functional Devices

We appreciate that purchasing or leasing a photocopier, with so many options and various pricing structures, can be a daunting task.

However, the Schools' Buying Hub North West is here to help ensure you purchase devices that are reliable, flexible and cost effective.

Key Considerations


An operating lease is the only type of lease agreement that state funded schools can enter into without prior approval. Make sure that your service and lease agreements run parallel to each other to avoid you being tied in to one supplier the next time you look to buy a photocopier.

Total cost of ownership

Photocopying contracts are notorious for having hidden charges which can increase year on year. Be sure to not only consider the cost of the device, but the click costs, maintenance and consumables.

Understand future requirements of your school

If you do not fully appreciate the future requirements of your school, you may enter into a contract that is not flexible and by default be stuck with a copier no longer fit for purpose. As such, be careful to think about contract length and never enter into a contract of longer than four years.

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