Stationery expenditure is one of the most regular expenditures that a school can face. The items are often low in price individually but when added up over the financial year, it can prove to be a very costly area of spend.

Key Considerations

As well as getting a great price, there are also other key aspects to consider:

  • Consider using a stationery framework. This enables collaborative buying and therefore lowers your prices.
  • Keep records of the items that you use the most, have core items and non core items and try to stick to the core items as much as possible. This will therefore reduce the cost of purchasing premium items when cheaper items will serve the same purpose.
  • Remember with printer toners it is possible to use 'whitebox' toners instead of branded toners. They are of the same quality, do not invalidate the warranty and are often cheaper.
  • When considering cost of stationery supplies, it is better to consider the overall cost. Buying different items from many different suppliers is inefficient and is not advisable.

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