Heating accounts for a significant percentage of total energy use in a typical school building, so it is vital that these systems are as effective and efficient as possible. Upgrading to more efficient heating systems can save money, reduce emissions and, ultimately, release funds for curricular resources or facilities.

As a result, Schools' Buying Hub North West has created a number of useful resources to ensure you have all the information required to purchase a heating system.

Key Considerations

Planned preventative maintenance

This allows the school peace of mind that your statutory inspections and maintenance are being carried out in line with legal requirements and good practice standards. It also ensures that you can spot a potential problem before it occurs to minimise disruption and costs to your school.

Switching off

Switch off heating systems when not required. This can be done by timer switches or by adjusting building control systems – and need not cost any money but can save money that can be used elsewhere.


Ensure you consider warranties as part of your overall cost as a system may seem more expensive but an extra few years' warranty could prove much better value if something was to go wrong.

Trusted tradesmen

Ensure your installers are gas/oil safe and that they are accredited for installing your make of boiler. Warranties may become invalid if installation work was completed by an installer that is not accredited by the manufacturer.

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