Oil can be an important purchase for schools, especially in rural areas, to ensure that schools are kept warm when the temperatures start to drop.

We know how busy the school year can get, so getting a good deal that is easy to access is essential.

Key Considerations

When to buy

Its good practice to buy at times in the year when the price is traditionally low. This would usually be the summer months, so be sure to stock up on oil in the summer if you can! Be aware that emergency deliveries can cost up to 10% more, so do plan ahead.

Know your usage

From previous purchases you can work out your average consumption in a year. Knowing this may help you buy in larger quantities, making the delivery more efficient which can reduce the cost per litre.

Protect your tank

Safeguarding it against theft and leakage can save you money in the long run, so ensure your tank is inspected by an oftec-registered technician annually to protect against more costly faults.

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