On 1st April 2017, a new commercial retail market was introduced to increase competition in the water industry. This means schools can now choose their water and wastewater retailer which can deliver cost savings not only through reduced unit rates but also through additional water savings initiatives.

We know how busy the school year can get, so getting a good deal that is easy to access is essential.

Key Considerations

Be wary of 'wholesale plus' deals as they may not tell you how much you are saving against the retail default and you could find yourself worse off.

Check if water saving measures such as automatic meter reading (AMR) equipment can be included free of charge.

Get your site information ready so that you can submit this when you come to buy. You can get this from your incumbent supplier. Key info should include:

  • Organisation name
  • Address including postcode
  • Annual consumption
  • Supply point ID (SPID) - this is a unique reference number for your meter found on your water bills)
  • Contact details.

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