Plan your requirement

Plan your procurement process

Planning how you buy for your school can be tricky at times. We are here to help you decide which procurement process to use.

We achieve this by following your school’s established process for planning and approving the procurement of goods, works or services.

We advise that if you’re buying for a local-authority-maintained school, you should ask your local authority about their rules for procurement spending.

How we can help you

Our procurement specialists are on-hand to help advise you with your purchasing requirements. This includes, but is not limitied to:

  • Helping you to fully understand your requirements
  • Providing a platform for you to purchase collaboratively with other schools
  • Creating your specification
  • Investigating framework agreements
  • Run your own procurement process.

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To view and download the full buying advice guide which is full of useful tips and information about how to make your procurement decisions, you must be registered.

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